Walkman X Series Review

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PROS / This device has high-quality audio and video.

CONS / It does not have a lot of extra features, such as an eBook reader, built-in speaker or Bluetooth.

VERDICT / This product makes up for its lack of extras with its amazing music and movie quality.

Users are raving about the sound quality of the Sony Walkman X Series MP4 player. Sony uses Digital Clear audio technology and noise cancelling techniques, along with their noise cancelling headphones, to provide premium audio quality for music and movies. Many users agree that the sound quality on this MP4 player is even better than the audio of Microsoft or Apple video players. Get your hands on the best with a Sony Walkman.

The X Series has a sophisticated design. It is part touchscreen, part button controls, giving you the best of both worlds. Sony designed the Walkman this way to make an easy, intuitive user interface. This MP4 player is light, weighing 0.28 pounds, so it is an excellent device to use while exercising or traveling.

The 3-inch OLED screen has a resolution of 432 x 240 pixels. Although not the largest MP4 player screen, it will provide you with sharp details and an excellent video experience. This device is known for its wide viewing angle, so your video should look good no matter how you look at it.

The Sony Walkman X Series has 32GB of storage space. The battery will play 33 hours of music continuously and nine hours of video continuously. Because of the large drive space, you won’t have to pick between your favorite movies, TV shows and music; you’ll have space to put it all on. Thanks to the long-lasting battery, you’ll also be able to enjoy all that media even when you don’t have access to your charger.

This MP4 player has Wi-Fi access, which allows you to browse the internet, watch clips on YouTube and download podcasts. The Wi-Fi gives you access to Slacker radio, which downloads up to three stations of personalized music onto your MP4 player. This feature lets you discover new songs and bands for free.

You can play the H.264, MPEG-4 and WMV video files onto this device. This MP4 player will also play AAC, MP3 and WMA audio files. It is very easy to put your music and movie files onto the Sony Walkman X Series. You can simply drag and drop the files into the Walkman’s folder. We appreciate the simplicity of this command as a MP4 player is no fun without music and movies on it.

Sony provides excellent support for this video player. We looked at five different means of help and support and Sony fulfilled all of them. You can consult a knowledgebase or online forum to find additional information about their product or connect with other users. It is easy to contact Sony associates through their telephone and email support. You can also read the user guide that comes with this MP4 player.


Although the Walkman does not have a ton of exciting features or applications, this MP4 player has excellent sound and video quality that impresses even those who've had several different video player brands. If you agree that quality is more important than quantity of features, get the Sony Walkman X series.